The Future's Bright, The Future's Rio!
The Future's Bright, The Future's Rio!

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Rio!

All images above sourced from: The London 2012 Olympics will go down as one of the greatest highlights of year! Olympic handover complete, we wonder whether Rio will be able to deliver in 2016? Hmmm – I’m sure they will, as I have just come back from the Casa Brazil exhibition at Somerset House … Continue reading

MTV Millennial Dream Article

The ‘Millennial’ Dream

All image sources from: There are so many important topics to address in the world – and MTV Sticky are always forthcoming in ensuring that real-life and vivid issues get highlighted by some of the most influencial young writers of our generation. For me, it truly is an honor to write for MTV and … Continue reading

Imagenation Photo

Win A Luxury Makeover Experience!

Us ladies LOVE  to be pampered every now and then! Imagenation Photography dedicates it’s services to you and believes that photography is not only about timeless images but also about an extraordinary experience. How would you like to experience a complete pamper package for a whole day? Imagenation Photography are giving not 1, but 3 … Continue reading


Lana Del Rey

  Image taken from Every now and then, someone comes along in Music and blows us all out of the water! There I was minding my own business on this chilled out Sunday, sat typing away at my computer – I just thought I’d put You Tube on while catching-up on some work, when … Continue reading


Read My Lips

Discover Read My Lips Lipsticks and Lipglosses are the icing on the cake for any make-up look. Applying this helps to brighten the face and provide the signature look that you need. I love playing around with colour variation, from neutral colours which give a nude look; to bright juicy lipglosses which add the wow … Continue reading

MTVTVDating Image

New Age TV Dating

All image sources from: Investigating Love and Sex by probing a little deeper… Is sex used as a social currency? A look at how TV is used for capturing young people’s love interests. Check out my new MTV trend article for the monthly theme Love & Relationships. [click on the images above to view … Continue reading

FW Website

FashionWhere Blog

It’s almost 2 years when the first FashionWhere post was debuted on WordPress. This charted the beggining of a creative concept which was actually launched from scratch. As a result, the FashionWhere concept went onto secure an exhibition space at 2009’s Graduate Fashion Week as well as a Lyle & Scott Strategic Marketing Award Nomination. … Continue reading

MTV Super-Heroes of Music Article

Super-Heroes of Music

All image sources from: Hi guys, sorry I have been gone for a while – I have been away for way too long and I have missed you all. But now I AM BACK – with a Brand.New.MTV Article! This one talks about cultural attitudes and the interesting insight of how music artists are … Continue reading


LiLi’s Article Makes Vitality Live!

Images sourced from and Yaaaay!!!!I am so happy to discover that my Zumba article has made Vitaliy’s Blog site! A BIG Thank You – to Vitality and all the loyal readers and followers out there! I am an absolute fan of Zumba, I even have the thigh-aches from shaking my bum every Tuesday! … Continue reading


First = the Worst, So Second[O] IS the BEST!

Secondo has to be one of Clapham’s freshest and sought after bars in a long while! Image sourced from: Vintage has never been so ‘in’! Alongside fashion, we can see traces of this trend through art-culture, film and interiors. Whats-more, who would have thought, we would have seen it prevalent in bars and restaurants? … Continue reading


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